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SI Power Rankings Props Halos Heaven

The Bad News is that it is hard to argue with SI.Com's ranking the Angels #14 in the major leagues in their weekly MLB POWER RANKINGS. We have won a game or two since SI's Tim Keith compiled those rankings, so hopefully the team will be moving up the charts.

The Good News is that in their commentary on the Angels in that ranking, SI.COM saw fit to throw props to Halos Heaven, specifically raving about Jim Gardner (WiHalofan)'s daily A Day at the Park cartoon as an antidote for Angels fans during an unexpectedly rough first quarter of the 2009 season. Halos Heaven headlines are now linked as features on the SI.Com Angels Team Page, the Yahoo Sports Angels Team Page and the CBS Sports Angels Team Page.

Welcome to Halos Heaven if you are a new visitor. Beyond Jim's entertaining cartoons, we have lots of great news, game threads, analysis, opinions and features. From Stirrups posting flowcharts to Scottnak tabulating the world's most Halo-iffic guessing game, to insightful contributions from many of our over 2,200 registered users, just look around and there is no disputing that if you are reading this you have arrived at the center of the Halosphere. Create an account to take advantage of the site's great in-game interface and commenting features. Enjoy your stay at Halos Heaven, YOUR Angels Blog.