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Angels Get Figgy on the Freeway, Beat Dodgers

Final Score in Los Angeles: Angels 3, Dodgers 1

A three and a half hour game in Los Angeles to decide who the best team in Southern California is came up with the correct answer: IT IS THE ANGELS!

Well the National League park hosted a National League style game compete with bunting, defense, pick-offs, pitchers batting, pinch-hitters, more defense, no homeruns, lots of stranded runners and weak weak weak hitting with runners in scoring position - in fact, runners on 2nd and 3rd in this game were not really in scoring position. They were stranded 26 times between both teams, but not by Angels 3B-Man Chone Figgins in the 8th inning, whose clutch double with one out and the bases loaded was the difference in a plodding chess match of inept baserunning and slick leather.

That is right - the Dodgers and the Angels were 3-28 with men in scoring position. Consider that Angel Erick Aybar popped out on a sac bunt TWICE in the game, stranding Chone Figgins at 2nd once and 3rd another time. This was in addition to Aybar striking out swinging and tossing his bat toward shortstop with Figgy on 3rd later in the game and then grounding into a double play in the 8th after Figgins had put the Angels ahead for good. And it took a LOT to stand out as frustrated offensively on a frustrating night for both offenses.

Brian Fuentes picked up his MAJOR LEAGUE LEADING twelfth save in the 9th. He is tied with, guess who... Francisco Rodriguez of the New York Mets for the most Saves in baseball. Guess what else? Frankie got his tonight in Boston. The Angels keep up with the Rangers who had to go to extra innings with the weak Astros before beating Houston 6-5.

And as with every Dodger-Angel game, Angel fans were served a respite from the terrible yammerings of play-by-play amateur Steve Physioc. Most Angel fans know the Freeway Series means tuning in to watch their team on the Dodgers station, KCAL-9 and got great game coverage as well as entertaining and succinct stories (that all had a point) about their team and its players by the legendary Vin Scully, the Hall of Fame broadcaster with a vocabulary that exceeds fifty on-air words, many of them of the four syllable variety.


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