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Week 07 Results + Announcement!

Heyy everyone. An early morning edition of the Results Show, and slightly abbreviated edition to make room for the important announcement

Anywhoo. Week 07 resulted in a decent scoring week with two people hitting the high point at 10 points: AllHailErstad and bc56274. Alas both missed yesterday's game... missing an opportunity to gain some more points? The rest of the results are here.

And we take a look at the cumulative results. 44FAN was able to overtake both Brew Angel and teopeht and take the top spot overall with 55 points. The rest of the results are here.


Announcement: After tonight, I will be gone until June 7th on a mini-trip to Europe! Just graduated yesterday (woo) and basically taking some time off. This does not mean the games will stop while I'm gone. The forms are ready to go. And the games will go on as usual!

But don't expect results to be up on the day of the game.

As... who knows if i can get internet access. Possibly, but who knows. They might not come up until after the trip. Though anyone is free to post the results, they aren't official... I'll probably end up checking them myself in the end anyhow.

If there are any mistakes, make sure you note it in the comments. There's no way I can come in and fix it quickly. And please follow the rules to make my life easier!
1) Use the form
2) Post in the comments something
3) Check the link above the form to *ensure* your picks went through!

That's all! Now. Scroll down and make your picks for today's game