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Around the Halosphere

There are a couple of good articles around the Halosphere that you don’t want to miss...

At The Halo is Lit, SubOptimal goes contrarian on all of us and says that promoting Brandon Wood might actually break what is working. At 4.9 runs a game, the 2009 Angels are scoring more runs already than the 2008 squad did. Those 10 bullpen losses really grate when you consider these ramifications. Suboptimal posts here at Halos Heaven in comment threads quite often.

At In Play No Outs, Marcus breaks down why numbers by specific defensive positions are so important. This gets overlooked in many arguments over how a player should be expected to perform. While so much baseball writing is geared toward either snobby stat-heads or jarhead conformity demanders, Marcus explains complex ideas in easy-to-understand language in a series for baseball lovers who want to learn more that I really hope he continues ... might make a great book (hint hint). Marcus posts here as Carl Johnson.

Shredder Seitz has a good wrapup of Sunday’s game at L.A. Seitz of Chicago, in fact, he has some recent writeups that are as good as any you will read. It is just that in being Mister Successful out in Chicago, Seitz cannot write them every day, so you are all stuck with my rantings and ravings if you want for every game. Would you believe that he posts here too, under the moniker LA Seitz!

Chone Smith at ALL THE WAY is selling his player projections. If you are into that sort of thing, he has PECOTA and MARCEL whipped. Chone Smith himself is her on occasion posting under the monicker RallyMonkey5.

Rob McMillin at 6-4-2 keeps a daily watch over the Angels minor leaguers performance the night before. Rob Posts here as scareduck.

Amidst the detailed reporting of the Arkansas Travelers having a massive comeback lost on a play at the plate, TRAVELEROCITY reports an exclusive: the kid in the between-innings dizzy bat contest got knocked out amidst the mayhem. Plus great pictures of our AA players in action, a sore, benched Hank Conger and commenters who hate Mike Scioscia!

Torii Hunter updated his blog on Friday but I doubt he will be hopping online to describe being punchdrunk from that Dodger stadium wall. Torii doesn't post here, but you might find him on the domono blogs.

And finally... Tommy Lasorda was caught at Angel stadium a week or so ago and reportedly lied his way out of a confrontation with the fans. Read about it at the Angels Flickr Group.