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Hot Dog! Bartolo Colon Smothers Angels

Final Score in Anaheim: White Sox 4, Angels 2

The Angels were stymied on Tuesday by an old friend. Bartolo Colon pitched like Cy Young as he shut down an already-stagnant Angels offense. Colon's only blemish was allowing a solo HR to Bobby Abreu, the first homer as an Angel for the veteran outfielder.

Joe Saunders pitched well for the Angels but allowed two homeruns on identical pitches to Jayson Nix as well as a run-scoring single to Paul Konerko in between.

Torii Hunter also homered for the Angels in the 9th inning, a little too little, a little too late, as Hunter was tagged out trying to take 3B on a long Kendry Morales fly out in the 2nd inning. Of course, the Angels broadcast of the game was not of the game, it was of an astronaut telling Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc how to poop in space. The telecast also featured Fox Sports West broadcaster Steve Physioc leering over a young boy eating a hot dog. It was downright creepy. It lasted for almost two complete halves of an inning. The lingering Fox Sports West shots of just some kid chomping on a dog at the park made Angel fans lose their appetite, and the team did nothing to help their supporters get it back.

At least Bartolo Colon still looks as well-fed as ever.