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Jered Weaver Cleans White Sox, Angels Win 3-1

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 3, White Sox 1

In a postgame interview with Jose Mota on Fox Sports West, Angels Right Fielder Bobby Abreu said it simply: "Jered Weaver, he knows how to get it done." Weaver dazzled the SoCal faithful and baffled the SouthSide favorites with a shuffled assault of fastballs, curveballs and a wicked slider.

Abreu himself contributed with a booming double off the new Jet Blue Advertisement on the short RF wall. Juan Rivera hit a hard double for the 3rd Angel run of the 6th inning and that was all the Angels would need.

Weaver pitched 8 innings, allowed one earned run on 4 hits and 2 walks. He struck out 8 and threw 103 pitches. Brian Fuentes pitched the 9th inning for his AL leading 13th Save. The White Sox' Gavin Floyd dominated the Angels and was leading when he gave up two singles to the 9 and 1 hitters in the Angels lineup, Jeff Mathis and Chone Figgins. Abreu changed the lead with one swing of the bat.

But the biggest topic on the postgame show was what broadcasters Rex Hudler and Mark Gubicza were going to do on the Angels' off-day Thursday. Both told co-host Bill MacDonald that they will be spending time with their daughters... perhaps a warning for the notoriously lecherous Fox Sports West personality Bill MacDonald to stay the hell away from their kids... but who will watch out for the rest of pubescent Orange County tomorrow? Oh dear, Billy Mac and his blue suit are bored and aimless... Lock your OC daughters up until the first pitch against the Mariners on Friday at 7:05 PM!