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Lackey Stunk, Angels Sunk, Mariners Win

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Mariners 5, Angels 2

(Rev Halofan Reporting): Jason Vargas turned out to be something the Mets sure could use, but he is a Mariner now and pitched better than Felix Hernandez, Jarrod Washburn or Erick Bedard. Who is the other Mariner Pitcher he pitched better than? I mean the other TEN pitchers from Seattle. Seattle pitchers have been the watermelon seeds of major league baseball: unwanted, unusable, in the way and they clog up your dishwasher of more than three of them appear in the game or your drain.

But Jason Vargas was a Met, explaining why he was able to pitch so well despite wearing the pitching kryptonite that is a Mariners jersey.

Meanwhile, Juan Rivera can fly and hit homers and John Lackey can give up 3 runs in an inning of infield singles and falls behind Matt Palmer on the team's depth chart in the process. Vlad and Napoli look fat and lost.

Anything else? Oh yeah, hey everybody, Texas took a double header from the Athletics (Oakland, the team Rob Neyer said would win the AL West and who currently have the worst record in the American League), so we are now 4.5 games behind the Rangers. Right where we were when the Rangers swept us.