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Tuesday Lunch Thread

If a thousand people pay to get into the Oakland Alameda Colisseum tonight, first off, I will be surprised. Second, unlike Charter Television customers, they will get to see the baseball game where the Angels will send Shane Loux against Dallas Braden and the Oakland Athletics. Loux, Anthony Ortega and Matt Palmer have an expiration date appearing on them called Moseley-Santana-Lackey. So let's hope Shane keeps our memories of him as pleasant as possible.

Today at 5:05 PM is the premiere of my occasional radio rant: REV HALOFAN'S SERMON ON THE MOUND. You can catch this almost-weekly preaching to the converted via the web or radio on AM 830. Keeping me from going out of control will be the host of THE DRIVE (KLAA's 3 PM - 6 PM Call In show), Jeff Biggs.

Your calls to today's show will be greatly appreciated. The subject of my sermon will be the Angels. I would like to include the congregation here in assisting me in devoting my attention to the issues of most concern to the major league Angels. This is no minor league assignment. For you or me.

Post here now and Listen to my Sermon on the Mound during THE DRIVE today at 5:05 PM...