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Roy Halladay Brings Early Shower for Scioscia, Angels

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Toronto 13, Angels 1

Unlike many Angels losses this season, the terrible umpiring being called out by manager Mike Scioscia came late in the game after the outcome was no longer in doubt. A warning issued to Angels pyromaniac gascan Justin Speier - who hit a batter after yielding up a 3-run homer to Blue Jay Lyle Overbay. Speier animatedly contested the warning and Scioscia came out to defend the 77 MPH sinker that hit Toronto catcher Rod Barajas. Speier threw 37 pitches in a 5-Run 8th to ensure that the 8 - 0 blowout would become an obliteration.

Either Angel starter Anthony Ortega turned into a pumpkin tonight or his fabulous pitching against the Yankees last week reveal the New York team to be a Triple-A caliber club. Or perhaps the Blue Jays are for real. But the real story in the American league West tonight was the assumption of first place by the Texas Rangers.

Here comes the story of the Hurricane Rangers...

Meanwhile, far away in another part of the league, the Texas Rangers and a couple of A's were hanging around. The number three contender for the American League West crown had no idea what kind of Silva was about to go down. When the Royals threw the Mariners to the side of the road, just like the time before in 1970-something, for the Mariners that's just the way things go, if Silva's pitching you might as well not show up on the field, unless its first place you wanna yield.

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