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Lunch Thread - Post your 80s Pic


Post a picture of yourself in the 1980s in this thread.

This is me in January 1988. To think that some gutless "fans" go to Angel road games during these current glory years with NO gear on while I was fighting in the trenches, in the heart of Dodger country back as the lean years were getting dark and gloomy... Anyone else got your war stories and photos?

Tonight is Retro 80s night at the Big A. Robert Ray (born in 1984) faces Jered Weaver (born in 1982). The Blue Jays look for real.

Let's talk about the 1980s at lunch. Back when MTV played music videos 24/7, back when the Cold War was fought with weapons that didn't yet exist, back when the Savings and Loan industry was the bad guy and We Are the World was the good guys... oh boy, do you really want to go back?