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Week 05 Pregame Picks Results

5-1 week, topped off with a gem of a game? You can't ask for anything better!
Well, I guess a 6-0 week perhaps. But no matter. Things are looking on the up and up!

And hey, guess what... with 11 points, willgoangels27 takes the crown for the week. Congrats! For the rest of you, to see how you did... click HERE.

And also for the overall results... a new leader has emerged from the pack! (Now 264 Halos Strong!) Brew Angel sneaks past the crowd and nabs first with 40 points.
To see where you stand overall, click HERE.

Now for a note: HalosFanatic, there's NO space in your name!
Alright. That's all for this week! Keep the guesses a comin' and aim for the top.