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Monday Lunch Thread: Radio Radio

The Angels have Monday off as they emigrate to Canada to face the Blue Jays. This is the start of a Ten Day, Nine Game, Three City Road Trip.

The FIX-IT Thread

In today's thread, please examine the Angels and tell us all what needs to be done to this team to take it form its current near-.500 record to being truly championship caliber.

If you see a solution or idea that you like, be sure to click "actions" beneath the post and recommend it, as I will be reading some of our community's best solutions this afternoon on the radio. Recommending is a great feature open to our site's readers who register for a user account. It is easy and free and makes the experience of visiting Halos Heaven all the more enjoyable.

This afternoon from 5 - 7 PM, I will be representing this blog as the guest of Jeff Biggs on KLAA, the Angels' radio station. Jeff is the tirelessly optimistic host of THE DRIVE. You will be able to STREAM THE BROADCAST on your computer if you do not have an AM Radio within the East Southern California reaches of the AM 830 Broadcast Signal.

Make your best points about the Angels direction here in this thread and tune in at 5 PM today to hear how Jeff Biggs and myself react to what you have to say!