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WEDNESDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Arredondo Sent Down, Angels Move Up

Up next for Angels: at Tampa Bay - Los Angeles Times
John Lackey will pitch against Jeff Niemann.

Bullpen shakeup: Arredondo down, Jepsen up - Angels blog -
"Jose needs to work things out," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "We saw what his upside was last year and how much we were counting on his continued progress this year. He’s obviously taken a small step backwards."

Small is a relative term.

Starved for power - Angels Unplugged - Los Angeles Times
"Eddie Bane promised he'd draft for power, and he lived up to his word."

At least with two of his picks.

Talkin' about underappreciated base on balls, with Bill James - Joe Posnanski -
People have violently different views about walks in baseball. I like them because I believe that they are still the most underappreciated weapon in baseball. Bill likes them because they epitomize team play -- "Hey, if you don't want to throw me a good pitch, that's fine, the guy hitting behind me will hit you, he's pretty good, too."

The Angels score an average of 3.6 runs in games they receive less than 4 walks. In games they receive 4 walks or more, they average 6.2 runs. Walks are good.

MLB Power Rankings - FOX Sports on MSN
Weekly Top 30 MLB team Power Rankings. Angels move up 3 spots, could it be because they recalled Kevin Jepsen??

Revisiting Nick Adenhart Two Months Later - Bleacher Report
Now two months since that depressing and shocking accident, the man who killed Adenhart, the driver, and one other person was in court. On June 8th, Andrew Gallo (22), who is charged with three counts of second-degree murder along with three other felony charges and a misdemeanor, plead not guilty.

Odds of Catching a Foul Ball - FanGraphs Baseball
In reality, there were 120,946 foul balls and home runs during the 2005 season and 74,915,268 fans in attendance that same year, which ends up being about 1 in every 619 fans end up with a ball. This is probably better than the actual odds since not all foul balls are hit into the stands.

Finally a statistic I understand!

Nice review of yesterday's games.

Bugs & Cranks " Who likes baseball? This guy!
Yeah, he made a sign to bring to the game. Neat-o!

44 -- Home runs hit by the Angels through Sunday's game, last in the American League.

Video highlights of the Angels #1 pick