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Angels, John Lackey Not Workin' in 9-5 Loss

Let's just say that by the 8th inning, when the Rays' mascot (a blue walrus looking thing) and his companion, a costumed bottle of Pepsi (this is not a plug, in fact I prefer the real thing, Coca Cola), entered the Angels television broadcast booth, it was a visual and audible relief for fans to look at the sight of broadcasters Mark Gubicza and Rory Markus instead of the product on the field.

While the mascot appeared to be giving nonstop pats on the back to the team for fielding nice minor league competition for the defending American League champion Rays, the Angels were watching John Lackey's possible free agent draft compensation wither from "A" status to "B" as the former ace dead-armed 5 runs in the 2nd inning, 2 more in the 3rd and 2 after that in the 5th.

Lackey was Lackluster. The Angels offense stranded 15 men on base. I can't imagine anyone except fans of other teams wanting to read any more about this gruesome massacre.