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Angels Get 8 Walks, One Run Against Rays

Final Score in Tampa: Rays 11, Angels 1

Although Angel batters managed to draw 8 walks against Rays' pitchers, they also managed to strikeout 12 times and bang out just 4 hits. In another all-around weak performance, the Halo hitters looked uninspired, while each of Angel hurlers tossed what must have looked like beach balls to the Rays hitters towards the plate.

The Rays slugged as many home runs as the Angels had hits (4), enroute to their second straight win over the Halos, getting double-digit hits for the second night in a row.

Starting pitcher Ervin Santana, taken out with 2 outs in the 5th inning, gave up 6 runs on 8 hits, including a long home run to Evan Longoria in the 5th. Santana's velocity appeared to be fading and his slider looked ineffective. Once again the Angel bullpen allowed their share of runs, although by the time Darren Oliver entered the game it was out of reach for the anemic offense.

The lone highlight was Kevin Jepsen's (yes, Kevin Jepsen) inning-and-a-third performance, where he struck out 2 while giving up just one hit.