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FRIDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Still Waiting? Scioscia Needs A Wake-up Call

Up next for Angels: Friday vs. San Diego - Los Angeles Times
Matt Palmer takes the mound against Chad Gaudin.

Angels staggering after 11-1 loss to Rays - Sports -
"Where there are options that come up that are better (than the status quo), we will make moves," he said. "I think there are some things obviously we've talked about and we will continue to consider."

We will continue to consider? For how long? Good Lord.

Angels' loss tries Mike Scioscia's patience - Los Angeles Times
After another in a long line of games in which his sloppy team made mistakes in the field, on the basepaths and on the mound, the Angels' manager said he was done waiting and threatened to take action if things don't turn around soon. "That's a bad game," a grim-faced Scioscia said after watching his team get blitzed, 11-1, by the Tampa Bay Rays. "We need to get better. We need to play with consistency. And if it's the guys in that [clubhouse] that aren't going to do it, then we're going to have to look at some changes."

Again, "then we're going to have to look at some changes." WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

The Associated Press: Orlando Hernandez agrees with Rangers
"Orlando Hernandez, who has been part of four World Series championship teams, agreed to a minor league contract Thursday with the Rangers. The right-hander is expected to join Triple-A Oklahoma City for workouts Sunday, and could start pitching for the RedHawks soon after that."

This is what an organization who is trying to win their division does...they go out and try new things, get players who may help in achieving that goal. This is at least the third player Texas has picked up in the last couple weeks in an attempt to improve their club. I'm not saying Hernandez is a good player, who will lead the Rangers to a championship, but at least the Rangers' front office is doing SOMETHING.

The Angels in summary? - Angels blog -

"Fair? Not fair? Probably not 100 percent accurate, but certainly fair, as far as I’m concerned.", Sam Miller referencing MH252525's comment during last night's game thread.

Ervin Santana’s velocity - Angels blog -
"Last year, his fastball averaged 94.4 mph; the year before, when he struggled, it was 92.2 mph. This year, so far, he’s at 90.7."

Sam also writes about Santana's fastball (with another reference to HH)

American League West Division Draft Impressions - Minor League Ball
The Angels, blessed with extra picks, needed to find a good balance between affordability and talent, and I think they did a good job.

Interesting article from John Sickels.

Angels draft boxing legend Ali's son -
Asaad Ali, the youngest son of boxing great Muhammad Ali, was selected.

Maybe he can add some punch to the line-up. Get it? Boxer...punch? Ah, nevermind. (4431980) Photoshop this paragon of manliness
Interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories, along with regular photo manipulation contests.

This is some of the funniest shit I've seen in along time. We should try it here on HH, I'm sure we have few creative folks to make some truly side-splitting photos.

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