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Hokie Joe Saunders Pounds Padres, Torii Hunter Hits 3 HR, Angels Win

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 9, Padres 1

Pitcher Joe Saunders carried a 1-Run game into the 9th inning on a night where all of the scoring was taken care of in the first with a 2-RBI single by Juan Rivera. Catcher Jeff Mathis guided Saundo threw the game and hit a 2-run homer himself and 1B-Man Kendry Morales had a solo shot, but Centerfielder Torii Hunter tied the single game franchise mark held by many with THREE Homeruns.

Yes, this is a discussion of the postgame results of the Angels. You are not drunk. Or if you are, they aren't. Not anymore. At least during these games.

No wonder the Dodgers have such a great record playing in the wimpy National League West.

In a postgame interview, Hunter credited MIke Scioscia's intense clubhouse tirade toward the entire team at the end of a lackluster 4-5 road trip on Thursday for the current turnaround. Nice for Angels fans to know somebody cares.