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Up next: Monday at San Francisco - Los Angeles Times
John Lackey will try to end his slump against former Cy Young winner Barry Zito.

Angels' Scot Shields will miss rest of season - Los Angeles Times
With the pain in his troublesome left knee failing to subside in the nearly three weeks since he went on the disabled list, Angels reliever Scot Shields on Sunday said he has opted for season-ending surgery.

Ready photon torpedoes!

Izturis over Rodriguez: It's ping over power - Angels Unplugged - Los Angeles Times
You've heard of guys having a man crush? Well, Scioscia has a manager's crush when it comes to the little man he calls "Izzy." How else can you explain his insistence that Izturis, with no home runs on a team that ranks 13th in the 14-club American League in homers, will continue to play second base, despite the presence of just-called-up Sean Rodriguez, who was leading the Pacific Coast League with 21 home runs?

Steve Bischeff doesn't pull his punches.

K-Rod's feud with Bruney escalates - News
The players had to be separated after K-Rod confronted Bruney in left field, once the Mets had completed their stretching regimen. Bruney said that his intention was to approach Rodriguez to make peace, after he was quoted saying that Rodriguez has "a tired act" and called the closer's on-field actions "embarrassing."

There's video of K-Rod manning-up.

Everyday Life - Ashley Thompson's Blog
Our favorite player wife is looking to raise awareness for prostate cancer and raise funds for research. Please check it out.

THT Dartboard: Week Ten -- The Hardball Times
Weekly ranking of all teams. (Angels are #15)

Murray Chass On Baseball "
Andrew Friedman is angry with me. He is the general manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, and he is angry that I wrote in a column that he did not return a call from me seeking comment about the Rays’ treatment of Evan Longoria and David Price. He didn't return your call?

See Murray, YOU ARE A BLOGGER! And speaking of bloggers...

Deadspin - The Unfortunate Ambushing Of Jerod Morris' Raul Ibanez Post - Raul Ibanez
Third: Ken Rosenthal doesn't have a fucking clue. Not in life, or in his baseball knowledge, but in the execution of his whole pointless attack, going borderline Albom-esque ("I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!") on poor Jerod over a perfectly reasonable post that didn't deserve to get the national lambasting it did. Partially this is ESPN's fault for orchestrating this whole segment as some sort of poor man's "Costas Now," hoping they could re-open this tired debate again to confuse all the old, out of work people flipping through the channels yesterday afternoon. What is this scary thing you call "blog"?

Rev, you're next!

The glory days of card collecting -- The Hardball Times
Ever wonder what to do with your old baseball cards? Don't try this at home...well at least my home.

And now some Billy Joel-