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John Lackey Still a Giant Killer, Angels Win in Frisco

FINAL SCORE IN FRISCO: 2002 World Champions 9, Home Team 7

So John Lackey is still a candidate for being the Angels Ace. On a day when it was announced that the Ervin Santana has a sore elbow and will be mssing a start and the Kelvim Escobar will be headed to the Disabled list and then most certainly to the bullpen, Lackey had a night to remember, striking out 10 Giants as if it were Game 7 of the World Series.

Robb Quinlan had 3 hits including a rally-starting 2 run double at the beginning of a 7-Run 4th inning. The Giants probably wished for the return of Scott Spiezio in the face of a such a rally. That Juan Rivera and Bobby Abreu hit homeruns was a nice surprise, but not totally unexpected, and even a HR by Sean Rodriguez, the minor league callup who currently leads the PCL with 21 bombs was an affirmation of Angel fan hopes, but an Erick Aybar mash to deep left field basically showed that the mojo was on the Halo Side of the fence tonight, even though it did come off of a shell of his former self Barry Zito.

Torii Hunter got a rib contusion slamming into a wall so the smart money is on a Reggie Willits callup after Sean O'Sullivan finishes his emergency start in place of Santana Tuesday Night. So even as the Angels celebrate their 4th win in a row and creep closer to Texas division lead (they are now only two games back), they are breaking out the scotch tape and elmers glue to hold together what many had mistaken for smoke and mirrors.

Oh... there was this whole problem late in the game with the Angels bullpen but it helped Brian Fuentes get a Save, Yippee!