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Angels Scouting Director EDDIE BANE Live CHAT Today at NOON

Join us for a live chat with the Angels Director of Scouting, Eddie Bane. Mr. Bane will be here TODAY at noon (Pacific Time) to answer your questions about last week's First Year Players draft and what's going on in the Angels organization. Join the chat then and ask Mr. Bane a question.

Eddie was the Number One pick in MLB's 1973 draft. He has held several positions since retiring as a player, including special assistant to the GM for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1999-2003). He has been the Angels scouting director since 2004.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Eddie Bane refers to an Angel prospect being unfortunate to get "Tommy John" surgery in this chat. Eddie asked us to clarify that the prospect to whom he is referring to is pitcher Mason Tobin.

NOTICE: There were many technical difficulties in the questions showing up during this chat, however, Eddie's comments here about Angels drafting and minor league operations are still lucid and of interest to you hardcore fans, but it is easier to read this transcript as some comments by Eddie Bane rather than an ordinary Q and A chat.