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FRIDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Angel / Dodger Preview, Scioscia Love

Angels-Dodgers tonight - Los Angeles Times
Joe Saunders vs. Chad Billingsley

Angels and Dodgers: A Possible World Series Preview - Baseball Tonight Clubhouse - ESPN
This Dodgers heading over to play the Angels is definitely the best interleague series of the weekend. It's the best team in the NL against the hottest team in the AL. It is still very early, but the case can easily be made that this could end up being a World Series preview if the Angels continue to hit the way they've hit.

The Sosh getting some lovin'....

Mike Scioscia a Godsend for Los Angeles Angels, Baseball - Bleacher Report
Players and coaches alike, all throughout the game, recognize him as one of the premiere managers in baseball. Former Angels shortstop Orlando Cabrera has even gone so far as to label Scioscia "the best manager I ever played for."

Angels grateful to have Scioscia on their side - Baseball
He is the dean of American League managers, and being that he's signed through 2018 -- 2018! -- he's also the envy of many of them. In a job that eventually grinds even the best and the brightest into bonemeal, Scioscia has both the security and the authority that most of the 29 other managers only dream of as he completes his first decade as Angels manager.

....And then not:

Joe Maddon's Latest Head-Scratching Decision - Bleacher Report
How about Jim Leyland? The Tigers are surprisingly leading the AL Central after last year's debacle. The Texas Rangers are enjoying relevancy for the first time in a very long time, leading the AL West. Surely Ron Washington deserves some credit. Even Mike Scioscia would be a better choice. His Angels may trail the Rangers, but they're still having a decent season, and Scioscia is at least a respected manager.

Four teams to watch Pedro; interest may be limited - FOX Sports on MSN
The Angels are concerned about right-hander Ervin Santana, but they are more focused on acquiring bullpen help and were not interested in Martinez when their rotation was in an even more depleted state earlier this season.

This has been reported to death, but here's the Pedro news. Pedro Martinez. PEDRO MARTINEZ! (I feel better)

Team Reports -
There are just under 100 games left in the season, and they could be 100 of the most crucial games of Vladimir Guerrero's career.

I think they're pretty important to the Angels too.

Guerrero chasing even more this year - Angels blog -
He’s always swung at a lot of pitches outside the strike zone, but this year he’s hacking at 53 percent of balls, well above both his career average (38 percent) and his career high (46 percent).

Sam Miller always has something interesting to say.

Kurt Suzuki Raising Funds For Crash Survivor - San Jose Mercury News
Catcher Kurt Suzuki got to visit his former Cal State-Fullerton teammate Jon Wilhite, the lone survivor from the April 9 car crash that killed Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others. Wilhite underwent brain surgery shortly after the accident and is gradually recovering. "You want to see him get better, as a friend," Suzuki said. "The more I talked to him, I saw his personality come out again." Suzuki and his wife, Renee, are raising funds for the Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund.

Thanks to Scareduck

A couple things from

Deadspin - Stay In School, Kids (And You'll Be Smarter Than Any Major Leaguer) - College Baseball
The best comment: "WSJ is just jealous that everyone in Baseball without a four year degree makes more then they do."

Deadspin - Famed Sportscaster, Hawaiian Shirt Enthusiast Now Hollywood Royalty - Chris Berman
This photo is proof some women are insane...or stupid...or insanely stupid.

Classic Chris Berman-