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Week 11 Results!

Whoops. I'm a bit late to the punch this week. Oh well. Something extra for you to digest while you get ready for the next game!

Week 11 showcased vladtheimpaler's impressive prognosticating skills by nabbing 12 points this week and capturing the top spot! Congrats! To see how the rest of you did, click that link and find out for yourself!

As for the Overall Race, 44FAN's lead increases by 1 and is doing his best to emulate the gap you can see in the NL West. Seems like it will be difficult to catch him, but... who knows. All it takes are a few games to bounce up to the top and to fall down...

Make sure you make today's runs n' hit picks!

Oh yeah. If anyone in interested in seeing my pics from europe you can either hit me up on facebook or if you don't have one... you can use this link

Which I think should let you see 'em w/o having a fb account. Yup yup!