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Hot Rockies Leave Frigid Angels on Ice

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Rockies 11, Angels 1

Pitcher Matt Palmer looked like a Fifth Starter as he suffered his first loss as an Angel.

The Colorado Rockies won their 17th game in their past 18. Aaron Cook became the winningest pitcher in Colorado franchise history with his 59th career victory.

The Angel batters do not know how to hit the sinker. Matt Palmer knows how to throw the stinker, though. After lousy outings by Jered Weaver and John Lackey, good old Miracle Matt fell back to earth and was hung with a deserved L.

If that is not bad enough, Ervin Santana was sent ot the Disabled List and Sean O'Sullivan will be starting in his place tomorrow night against Ubaldo Jimenez (who, for accuracy's sake, is not bald and actually does have hair on his scalp) and baseball's hottest team.

Did anything good come out of tonight's game? Unless Vlad got sent down to AAA afterwards, well... no.