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TUESDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Angels Get Rocked, Pitchers Get Rolled

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Rockies expose Angels - Los Angeles Times
From seven straight wins to three straight losses, the Angels have gone from a team that seemed to be hitting its stride to one that has hit the skids.

Angels take a beating from Rockies -
Remember when the Angels were making the NL West look like a punch line? That joke wore out a few days ago.

Team Reports -
Angels pitchers threw six wild pitches Monday -- two each by starter Matt Palmer and reliever Rich Thompson, one each by Rafael Rodriguez and Jason Bulger. That ties the franchise record set on April 13, 1991 in Minnesota.

The Angels' new search - Los Angeles Times
Mark it down on your calendar. June 22. The date the Angels officially began the search for another starting pitcher.

Playoff odds, 6/23 - Angels blog -
To win the West: 45 percent
To win the Wild Card: 2 percent
To make the playoffs: 47 percent
Today’s 7 percent drop is the Angels’ fourth biggest of season.

Los Angeles Angels Team Report -
BY THE NUMBERS: 10 — Rookie pitchers used by the Angels this season.

MLB Daily Dish - An unofficial Major League Baseball blog
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Pirates cut outfielder Craig Monroe for failing to hustle during a play against the Minnesota Twins.

The Pirates doing something right

Position players: Earning their keep - The Halo Is Lit
Here is the view of Angels position players (with 100 PA or more) from the sabersphere

Anaheim Angels all the way
A few weeks ago I asked people to rate, on a scale of 1-5, the defensive play from some outfielders who played from 1900 to 1950.

The Doors - The End. (Not meant to imply anything about the Angels or the season)