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LUNCH: Ten Random Facts and/or Observations

  1. The Rockies are as good a team as we have faced. They have to be the NL Wild Card favorites with an outside chance to clip the Brooklyn Landgrabbers and that would be awesome, especially for Jim Tracy.
  2. The chances of Kelvim Escobar throwing another pitch this season is down to near zero. The Angels have had terrible luck with contract extensions.
  3. I gave up on Chone Figgins in 2007 and ate my words and am again preparing a verbiage souffle on which to dine.
  4. Vlad's haircut looked great but Sean O'Sullivan's deprived him of almost all possible lookalike banter on the game thread.
  5. If Erick Aybar is sent down to the minors or substantially benched, he has zero trade value this year and next. Zero. His presence in the lineup is a high-stakes poker game in order to assure a trade partner that he is actually a major leaguer, and Soth/Ninja is playing with the season as if it were a spare chip.
  6. I am going to be the in-studio guest of The Drive with Jeff Biggs tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon from 5-7 PM on KLAA, AM 830. The station internet streams everything but the games.
  7. The only Salt Lake Bee who has as many strikeouts as Innings Pitched is Jeremy Hill, a journeyman who played in Mexico last year and who will turn 32 in August... sounds like a 2009 Angel for sure!
  8. Torii Hunter, Jered Weaver and Brian Fuentes are slam-dunk All Star candidates, but watch Joe Maddon pick Figgy.
  9. Bobby Abreu carried the offense in April, Torii in May and now it has been Juan Rivera in June. Wood in September and Vlad in October would be nice!
  10. The Jeff Mathis jerseys from Tuesday's giveaway are already on e-Bay.