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Vlad Guerrero HR paces Angels, Joe Saunders to Win Over Rockies

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels: 11, Rockies: many fewer

On the day after shaving his head with some mace in the dark, Vladimir Guerrero hit a ball out of the Anaheim Trailer Park and started a flood of runs turning the rubber game of this interleague series into a laugher. It was only Guerrero's 2nd homerun of the season but is a sign of life that he may be back. Vlad also had an RBI double in the 1st inning and later scored that inning.

ALL of Guerrero's RBIs came with TWO OUTS.

Joe Saunders took a shutout into the 7th inning before he surrendered a solo HR and a single to get the hook at 103 pitches. With his 8th win, can Saunders be backing into All Star consideration? If so, he has company with Angels 3Bman Chone Figgins, who was 3 for 4 with a stolen base and scored 3 runs.

The Angels remain tied for 1st Place in the AL West with the Texas Rangers.


Note: Apologies for the confusion in this game's questions. The Rev's intent was (for the first two questions) to refer to the STARTING PITCHER only. While transposing this particular day's questions to the form, I added an "s" to the first two questions which may have made people think it was for ALL pitchers total (including myself). The results will reflect Rev's INTENT and thus the first two answers will be UNDER-UNDER. Sorry for the mix up!

For future references, if there is any ambiguity between the POSTED question and the FORM, go with the POSTED version. And if that's ambiguous, ask... and if there's no response, why not fire off an email for clarification. So this doesn't happen again. Again, sorry for the mix up... but it's only one game. Still plenty of points left in the season!