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Week 12 Results!

Well here we are again! Another Saturday means another run down of how things are going in the pregame picks world.

For this week, 3 people grab the top score of 10 points: Big Game Hunter, reddawnman, vlad IS my man. Nice work!

Overall, it's no surprise to see 44FAN still on top. But the lead has shrunk by 2... The battle for 2nd is quite crowded! Anyone could pull ahead any time.

And just in case people missed it last time, there was a mistake in the Wk 9 entries. If your screennames fall inbetween DougT and firebird81 your values were shifted by one person. They're fixed now (and highlighted in yellow).

A good reason why you should always check to make sure things are entered right. Thing like this happen! Be aware on what happens to your scores! And get find a way to message me asap!

Also re: the mixup that occured a few days ago with the pregame picks. If things are ambiguous, and you're not getting a response fire off an email to try for a quicker response! And if there's a discrepancy between the posted question (from the Rev) and the form (from me) go with the POSTED question (from the Rev).

That's aboot it!