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SUNDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Napoli Powers Win, Angels Look To Trade

Up next for Angels: Sunday at Arizona - Los Angeles Times
Matt Palmer vs. Max Scherzer

Mike Napoli's home run powers Angels to victory - Los Angeles Times
"That ball was crushed," Hunter said. "Oh my God, that would have been out in old Tiger Stadium, which was 440 feet to center." Napoli didn't get too caught up in the moment. Asked whether he got all of the pitch, he grinned and said in an understated tone, "Yeah, it felt pretty good."

Trade goal for Angels is pitching -
Reagins said he has been having conversations with a "number" of clubs in the "exploratory phase" of the annual midseason trade market. Those conversations have produced nothing but very general discussions, he said.

Tribe deals DeRosa to Cards for Perez - News
On Saturday night, the last-place Indians, all but out of contention and getting an early jump on the summer trading season, shipped him off to the Cardinals for right-handed reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named.

The reason I added this link was to point out that trading for relief pitching can be done. Chris Perez is the type of pitcher the Angels should target, has the ability to get batters out now and young enough to improve. For Mark DeRosa? What type of pitcher could Erick Aybar bring?

Video Central - FOX Sports on MSN
Chris Rose visits with Torii Hunter. Hear what the Gold Glove winner had to say about celebrity encounters, running into walls and more. sucks on weekends -
Has anyone noticed how much, especially their "MLB" page, sucks over the weekend? Maybe not, since the time when most people most obsessively check the internet is during the week, when they are at work and supposed to be doing other things. Overall, the feeling is of a web enterprise that only has a couple people in the building on weekends.

What's their excuse during the week?