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Texas Showdown: Hot Angels Set to Feast on Rangers Popsicle Bats

Lose the Battle, Win the War: Ian Kinsler was batting .314 when John Lackey plunked him to lead off the game on May 16. He is batting under .270 now.

Three games in Arlington are here for the Angels, red-hot winners of 5 straight, 12-3 over their past 15 games. The Rangers are ice cold. The Freeze Girls just got their nuts handed to them by Chad Gaudin, who became the first pitcher in history to throw 8 innings of 1-hit ball in the Rangers home stadium that changes names every year as owner Tom Hicks pimps it out for money to send to Liverpool.

When we faced Gaudin on June 12, he did not make it out of the 4th inning, allowing 8 Angel runs on 10 hits! From 10 hits in 3+ to 1 hit in 8 at the launching pad that is Arlington? Can you say Padres hot? Don't because it is really just Rangers?

Perhaps after this series we will be calling them the Arlington Popsicles.

So here goes...

TONIGHT: 5:05 PM, Sean O'Sullivan Vs. Vicente Padilla

This is the one they have the best chance of winning. O'Sullivan's chances rest on his changeup fooling them, so maybe he can continue the Gaudin-like ass-kickery of the Rangers that seems to be contagious among baseball's pitchers of late. Padilla kinda owns us and that is tough as hell to type.

TUESDAY: 5:05 PM, Joe Saunders Vs. Scott Feldman

Feldman held us scoreless over 6 innings earlier this season. No gifts here, but Joe Saunders has been improving over his past few games, hasn't he? Hmmm... let me go check ...oh crud, as good as he has been doing, the worst ballpark for Saundo is the Arlington Crapper where his career ERA is over 10... ouch... Hope those Popsicles have not melted yet...

WEDNESDAY: 5:05 PM, Jered Weaver Vs. Kevin Millwood

Millwood will likely be the only Ranger in the All Star Game if Josh Hamilton's hernia flares up. Weaver should be there as well. They can be teammates for a day in St. Louis. Weaver was terrible against the Dodgers but looked amazing against the Diamondbacks on Friday. And before you dismiss the National League as incomparable to the AL, The weak ass NL Padres just took two out of three from the Rangers.