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WEDNESDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Weaver Starts Tonight, Escobar on Saturday

Up next for Angels: Wednesday at Toronto - Los Angeles Times
Jered Weaver looks to continue a recent hot streak and burnish his All-Star credentials.

Halos run into hot hand of Halladay -
Game write-up from MLB, includes some video highlights (and lowlights) of last night's game.

6-4-2 — an Angels/Dodgers double play blog: Rangers Disable Josh Hamilton
Scareduck points out that Texas is having their own problems. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Josh Hamilton has hit the 15-day DL. He may need surgery, so that could get stretched to a couple months.

What Happened to Howie Kendrick? -- MLB FanHouse
Others have started to notice what Angels' fans have recently been enduring.

Kendrick’s troubles continue - Angels blog -
Our friend, Bill Plunkett, writes about Howie Kendrick: "The play did not appear to be a steal or a hit-and-run. It looked like Kendrick simply forgot how many outs there were."

He was probably still confused as to why Halladay didn't throw him a low-and-away curve with 2 strikes.

Atta boy, Jimmy!

Brandon Wood is an Angel mystery -
OC Register's Mark Saxon wonders about Brandon Wood, and within his article there's this Sosh quote:

"His time is going to come," Scioscia said. "Right now, we’re trying to establish some offensive chemistry with guys who are swinging the bat well. We feel Erick Aybar has a chance to be a difference-maker at shortstop."

A difference-maker? Like, "We would have won the division, but we stuck with Aybar a little too long."

Saw this during yesterday's Rob Neyer chat on ESPN:

Gidget (Brazil) : Rob, honestly, are you ashamed of ESPN's constant showing of Mets, Yankees, Red Sox games?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: We're just giving the people what they want, Gidge. Anyway, if you don't want to watch those teams, get Extra Innings, like me!

Ken (Scottsdale, AZ): Rob, lets be intellectually honest. Not everyone wants to see the Sox, Mets, and Yankees. Truth is they play in the biggest media markets and ESPN has decided that it is going to play to those markets and that the bottom line. Right?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: Being intellectually honest, the ratings are higher for games featuring those teams. Now, you might argue that there's a feedback loop or something, but you can hardly blame the networks for wanting the best ratings they can get. As I've argued before, the only way you're going to see the Royals and the Pirates on national TV is if MLB demands it (and takes less money in return). Don't hold your breath.

See, we're not the only ones who think there's an ESPN-East Coast bias.

Angel Team Report - MLB at
Escobar traveled to Toronto on Tuesday and is tentatively scheduled to throw a bullpen session before Wednesday's game as a final test of his shoulder. If he comes out of that feeling fine, he will start Saturday in Detroit, bumping unbeaten Matt Palmer (5-0) to the bullpen.

2009 American League Standard Batting -
After last night's 14 strikeout performance by the Angels' line-up, I was surprised to see the club is second to last in team strikeouts...which is a good thing. But are they being too selective at the plate? Doesn't look like it, they're 11th in walks. They do lead the league in sac flies, so they've got that going for them.

WWJ Newsradio 950 - Remainder Of Tiger Stadium To Be Demolished
"Guillebeaux says demolition, costing 400-thousand dollars, will begin as soon as possible. He said he wasn't sure if there was any other development offers on the table." Wasn't sure if there was any other development offers? Then what's the hurry?

Sorry, I'm an old-school baseball fan who loves the old stadiums, and I hate to see history torn down.

"Hey! Where's my extra pair of socks?"