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Jered Weaver Bests Avril Lavigne, Angels Top Blue Jays 8-1

Final Score in Toronto: Angels 8, Blue Jays 1 ... and it really wasn't even THAT close.

Angels pitcher Jered Weaver has the haircut of a fan of hard rock, but he was not intimidated by the Canadian rockstar Avril Lavigne throwing out the first pitch on the 20th anniversary of the SkyDome. Weaver rocked the anniversary party with a career high 10 strikeouts. Meanwhile, former Angel Killer Casey Janssen could hardly manage his way thru the first inning, surrendering 3 runs on a night the Angels would collect 8 on a lucky 13 hits.

Bobby Abreu hit his 2nd HR of the year and also had a ground rule double that some hockey fans interfered with.

A day after getting 4 runs off of Roy Halladay, the Angels doubled that number against the merely mortal pitching staff. Chone Figgins was 3 for 5, Erick Aybar was 2 for 4 and each scored 2 runs.

FAN: Look, American past time offers us a free souvenir!

FAN 2: Forgive them please, barrister, the Stanley Cup will be in Detroit or Pittsburgh before the week is over and Montreal is bereft of its... how do you say, its club of the beisbol?

FAN 3: America has lost its general motors, soon it will be a colony of the hosers up here, eh? Hummer got bot by the Chinese today.

JEFF MATHIS: You mean my red neck owns a chinese export? Uh oh, hope I lose the poll on Halos Heaven...

Torii Hunter was given the night off, as was Mike Napoli, so loo for some fresh bats tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 9:35 AM Pacific time.