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Angels Still in First Place after Rangers Manage More Runs

Final Score in Arlington: Angels 5, Rangers 9

So the first inning and a half took over 45 minutes. After driving almost an hour in traffic, the Angels and Rangers were knotted up at 3 apiece as I pulled onto my street, but my mind was immediately taken off the game. There were five L.A. Sheriff squad cars and many of my neighbors sitting in the back seats. Others were sitting on the curb, cuffed.

Children were being organized by family and put into squad cars as well. Neighbors were out on their lawn gawking, as was I. By the time I had surveyed the scene, I came inside to see the score go up to 4-3 Rangers. Then it got kinda outta hand and i decided to gawk a little more outside. Now undercover vehicles had pulled up and L.A. Sheriffs were pouring out in, some with helmets on, kevlar, the whole enchilada. The families of people who lived in the building were all across the street, leaning on cars, waiting to go in. Kids were oblivious and playing, some people had their pets in their arms, almost all of them small dogs but one woman was holding her cat as if it were an infant. I noticed a few cars pulling onto my street only to quickly turn around and split. One was a new white Mercedes that sped off quite fast. I counted ten cuffed men in the back seats of the police cars. Then they one-by-one took out kids from the squad car and started asking them questions as they walked each one individually back into the apartment building. This ritual went on as a way of ascertaining the hiding place of "mommy's medicine box" perhaps. Then two cops walk up to me, the lone Gavacho, in front of all my neighbors and ask me "Where did you get that Lakers Champion Cap?" and "Is that the one they wore in the parade?" and now all my neighbors think that I am buddies with the man.

There, wasn't that bust on 54th Street more interesting than tonight's game?