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THURSDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Weaver Gets a Grip, Escobar Has Class

Up next for Angels: Thursday at Toronto - Los Angeles Times

Wake up! It's an early game!

Slider grip keys Weaver's dominance -
"The slider is a lot sharper," Weaver said. "I've been trying to mess around with a couple of different grips over the past couple of years. Me and (pitching coach Mike Butcher) worked on one in spring training, and it's come around. I've gotten a good grasp on where to put it and where to locate it. That's been the things that's been working for me."

Mike Butcher, slider guru.

Angels Reports at
Another Howie story:
"We have every confidence we can get Howie moving in the right direction," Scioscia said. "It (sending him down to the minor leagues) is an option for any young player. It's something we look at, and we're going to continue to look at it."

Seanez not on fast track yet - Angels blog -
"He’s pitching well. His command has been good," Reagins said. "His velocity is not what we’ve seen. It’s not the mid-90s he had been pitching at. But it’s only been 2 ½ weeks (since he began working out)."

Escobar said he was concerned more about helping the team this summer than about his contract this fall. He did say that he would prefer to stay with the Angels . "Who wouldn't want to be here?" he said. "This is a great organization. It's a great place to play ball, with great fans. It's not about the money. I make enough. I'm happy. I just want to play."

He sounds like a pretty classy guy.

My second favorite Canadian band (and from Toronto):