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Angels Meltdown Leaves Canada Dry

Final Score in Toronto: Angels 6, Blue Jays 5

The Angels have found a lot of ways to lose games this season, but today they found a way to win in the face of certain defeat, snatching victory from the Canadian jaws of defeat and taking the series 2 games to 1 from the Blue Jays on the 20th anniversary of the Skydome's opening.

With a 5 - 1 lead in the 7th inning, John Lackey allowed his 2nd run of the game. In the 8th, the formerly reliable Darren Oliver came in to relieve, but relief was the furthest thing from his mind and arm. Wow suddenly it is 5-4, nobody is out andthe bases are loaded. Justin Speier comes in, is nails, but still a sac fly gives the Jays a tie. In fact, the best hit ball of the game was a hard hit line drive off of Speier by Joe Inglett that went right inot the glove of drawn-in infielder Howie Kendrick. 999 times out of 1,000 that liner hits the outfield wall before anyone even sees it and the bases are cleared on a hard hit double. Speier can hit the casinos when the team lands in Detroit tonight - let it ride Justin, your luck is astounding at the moment.

A great bunt single by Howie Kendrick in the 9th turned out to be the winning run and Brian Fuentes pitched a shaky but stirred 9th inning for his 14ths Save.

EXHALE! whew. The Angels hit customs, re-immigration and go to Detroit for 3 this weekend.