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FRIDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Ervin Santana Slows Down, Vincente Padilla An Angel?

Up next for Angels: at Detroit - Los Angeles Times

International scouting director is fired - Los Angeles Times
Fox Sports reported Thursday that Daniel had been fired because of "improper activities by some of the scouts he had hired."

This story could get even bigger, and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it.

The Rumor Mill: June Test Drive : Baseball Digest
As for Padilla, there’s word from the West Coast that the Angels have expressed an interest, and the White Sox have inquired as well. However according to an NL East scout, the Mets had a front office official watch Padilla’s start against the Yankees on Tuesday night, and "liked what he saw".

WTF? (Thanks to Scareduck at 6-4-2 for the tip)

Santana gets another chance Friday - Angels blog -
Santana’s velocity has been down as much as 5 mph. But Scioscia said he doesn’t consider that a sign that Santana is still pitching with an injury or has yet to break through any mental barriers about trusting his elbow to hold up.

Velocity down by 5 mph? So Mike, what is it a sign of?

Dissecting the Disabled List by Team, Position, Year and Injury - Beyond the Box Score
I have always wondered why there isn't an injury database available for people to use for analysis since injuries play a huge role in determining player performance. After being frustrated long enough, I decided to go ahead and create a database myself. After finishing it, I can see why one didn't already exist. It was a pain in the butt to put together.

Has lots of pretty graphs!

The legend of Danny Goodwin -- The Hardball Times
The Angels moved quickly to sign the player who was now labeled, at least by some observers, as "the black Johnny Bench." Goodwin accepted a reported bonus of $125,000.

Team Reports - MLB at
6 -- Games the Angels had lost this season when leading after seven innings, through May 31. That matched their total for the entire 2008 season.

Does that mean they're not allowed any more this season?

Congratulations Randy Johnson on #300: