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Angels Debut Kelvim Escobar, but get Motored by Edwin Jackson

Final Score in Detroit: Angels 1, Tigers 2

The Angels scored a run in the top of 1st inning, the Tigers doubled that in the bottom the same frame and that was the ballgame. Last night it was 2 in the 9th by the Angels followed by 1from the Tigers in bottom of that final inning that was the entire scoring of the game.

Like the great face-painted poet once said, "Ya gotta lose your mind in Detroit, Rock City."

The good news for the Angels was that Kelvim Escobar hit 95 MPH on the gun. The bad news was that Angel bats were in 2004-05 form, seasons when they gave "Escy" absolutely no run support. Detroit's Edwin Jackson was hitting 99 in the 9th on his 99th pitch.

But you can go over to MySpace and add Kelvim as a friend and give him some support. Search "Kelvim" and when you find the picture of the bald guy in the Bellagio bathtub, you have hit on the red jersey sleestack-goggle asskicker. If you are as hot as some of those hoochies on his friends lineup, maybe he will give you a ride in his Rolls Royce Phantom, considered by all his teammates to be the 2nd most impressive ride of anyone in the club, Mike Scioscia's Prius with fast lane tags being tops, of course. If he pitches like he did tonight, someone is going to pay him many Rolls' worth.

Meanwhile, Texas lost in Boston, we are 3-2 against the Tigers and the Rangers are 0-6 against them, so gaging the West is getting a little easier and it is easy for Angels fans to Look on the bright side with their starting 5 all FINALLY back, healthy and pitching well.