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Pregame Picks Results Barrage!

Well. I'm back and have spent today finding the results to the games that's been happening while I've been away.
There's a lot of games ... hopefully there aren't a buncha mistakes in here... if there is be sure to tell me asap!

So, again here are your belated results to these games!


Game 044 Results
Game 045
Game 046
Game 047
Game 048
Game 049
Game 050
Game 051
Game 052
Game 053
Game 054
Game 055

And because I know SOMEONE will ask... if your score is in red... that means you used the form, but forgot to comment something. You need to do both to get your points!

Weekly Results will be up later tonight... There will be two sets of results. Week 08 (043-048) and Week 09 (049-054). And then the sidebar will be updated with the Week 09 results (they will NOT include yesterday's game 055!)

Again, if you find mistakes be sure to post 'em. Hopefully there aren't any... but if there are I hope someone catches it before I start compiling the weekly results!


(And for those who are curious, my Europe trip went very nicely! A lot of stuff packed into 2 weeks worth. Pictures ... a lot were taken. And it'll take a while before I get 'em uploaded. Details later if interested!)