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Today's Draft

They've got five of the top forty-eight picks.  This is it: the Halos' shot at restocking a farm system that has lost its once perennial luster. 

At least, that's the story line currently being tossed around.  Personally, I don't think the present state of the farm is so dire, but five picks are five picks, and tomorrow's draft is going to be exciting. Here are my under-educated predictions of what will unfold:

  1. If power/speed combos Tim Wheeler, Everett Williams, Mike Trout or even Jared Mitchell remain available, look for the Halos to use either of their 24th or 25th picks to secure an athletic, high-upside centerfielder.  It's iffy whether those guys will still be around, but I think the Halos will lean towards an outfielder over, say, catcher Max Stassi or shortstop Jiovanni Mier. 
  2. Top five pick Kyle Gibson, a big right-handed sinkerballer currently pitching for Missouri, just suffered a stress fracture in his forearm. That makes it possible, if not especially likely, that he's still available towards the end of the first round, giving Bane and Co a chance to pull off their annual high stakes gamble. 
  3. I'd be perfectly happy if 6'5" lefty Tyler Skaggs is our best option at pick 25.
  4. I bet the Halos lean towards pitching in their sandwich selections, causing many a Halos' fan to scream into the night.  No idea who those arms will be, but I think the scouting team will play to their strengths. Look for two pitchers and a slight overdraft of a power bat - Chris Dominguez fits that mold. 
  5. My hunch is that the Halos go after corner power types in the 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th rounds. Prepsters Jeff Balm (1b), Matt Davidson (3b), Randal Grichuk (of)  and Jonathan Singleton (1b), and college kids Chris Dominguez (3b), Tommy Mendonca (3b), Marc Krauss (of), and Kent Matthes (of) are just a few names, but they seem to be the big mashers that the Halos will still have a shot at.

Again, this is the first draft that I've really combed over, so these are just hunches.  We'll see what happens!