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Post-Vacation (aka Week 08 + 09) Results!

I wonder if anyone kept track of how they were doing while I was gone?

... haha yeah right. well. There were certainly some big movements while I was gone! Possibly due to the fact we had a bunch of those all or nothing questions while I was away... some people capitalized on those opportunities...

Week 08 had newly crowned leader 44FAN to lead the way with 13 points! An impressive gap of 4 pts from the person who placed in 2nd that week! Yikes!

Week 09 was quite a week! 13 people share the top spot who each earned 12 points! 13 people?! That's insane! Many different combinations to get to 12 too... if only someone coulda squeaked out an extra point somewhere...

NOTE: The standings had a small problem, where values were shifted around if you had a name that starts around the S-T area! They have been fixed now.
And so let's take a look at the (finally) updated current standings! 44FAN not only keeps the lead but extends it by a wide margin!
Also... New stuff added. You can now see what your rank was the last update & the change
(I just realized the change values are wrong. If its positive, it should be negative and vice versa. Oops)

Well. That's all for now! See you next saturday (with regular updates again!)