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Angels and Jered Weaver eek out a Win in Tampa Bay

Holy Smokes... That was not fun. Angels win.

Final Score in Tampa: Angels 4, Rays 3

Jered Weaver pitched brilliantly and got the win, but it was ugly letting Jason Bulger allow the Rays back into the game. The tension was palpable among the Halo faithful When Brian Fuentes aloowed a baserunner to begin the 9th inning. The squeaky widdo Angel offense had scored just enough runs (hey, even auto-out Vladdy had a Ribby!), tough and beat the big and beaten-up Rays to take the first game of this three game series, but it was an unpleasant reminder of the 13 losses incurred at the hands of the bullpen to Angels fans.

Looks like '09 is shaping up to be the season where Angels fans are only relaxed when there is a 9 run lead in the 9th inning... and even that does not sound like it is the slam dunk certainty that it might seem.