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Texas Rangers Turn Up The Heat on Jered Weaver and the Angels

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Final Score in Arlington: Angels 7, Rangers 9

Ranger OPS+ at their home field this season: 114 (and that was before tonight's hot air jetstream special)

Rangers OPS+ away from their sweatbox: 84

On the plus side, the Angels only have 3 more games this season at the Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers have 10 games coming in Anaheim... cool marine air capital of the American League, suckers.

Despite all of the hot air power possessed by the Dallas Blalockians, if the Angels had just played Un-Dumb baseball they would have won this game.

If the Angels can just avoid being dumb, they have this division sewn up.

And now we have incontrovertible evidence that Justin Speier should never pitch to lefties and the Kevin Jepsen should never pitch to major league batters.