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Brandon Wood HR Leads Angels Hit Parade over Yankees

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Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Yankees: 8, Angels 14

The New York Yankees blew a 4-run lead and tried in vain to come back after the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim plated 7 runs in the 5th inning, but never got within more than one run as the Angels destroyed Andy Pettite and Yankees pitching with 14 runs on 16 hits. Jered Weaver got his 10th win of the year.

Brandon Wood got a long awaited start at 3B and did not disappoint, hitting a 2-run homer to get the scoring going in the 5th. No word on whether manager Mike Scioscia saw it or not. The Fox National broadcast was in the middle of fawning over Alex Rodriguez' buncrack to cut away for Wood's homerun trot.

The Angels bullpen saw Oliver and Bulger each give up 2 runs and a gamble with Kevin Jepsen pitching paid off whne Howie Kendrick made a great stab at an until-then sure base hit. Erick Aybar, Bobby Abreu and Mike Napoi were hotter than hell on a 92 degree day in Fantasyland.


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