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Week 14 Results!

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Well well, people definitely had a great time this week. We haven't seen scores this high in quite a long time!
Out of a possible maximum 18 points, we had two people hit an amazing 16 points.

Those two? leftwing and TheGrinch. Congrats to your pinpointingly accurate progonsticatin'. Let's take a look at the breakdown of the scores: (CLICK the graph to see where you stand!)


Cumulative Results? Well, of course 44FAN still holds the top spot. But what else is going on? Click the jump to see more.

Here are the overall results... Following closely in 2nd is leftwing, thanks in large part to getting the high score this week. The gap has shrunk to just 6 now!

Within the top 50, TheGrinch is able to jump the most (11) spots thanks to a high score, while Monkeyspanked drops the most (13) due to being idle this week. Alas.