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Angels Minor League Report

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AAA Salt Lake Bees, 46 and 44

Ben Johnson, c, of - (19 AB's) .368/.455/.632 with 1 Trpl and 1 HR

Johnson keeps rolling in Salt Lake, but where was his bat in Little Rock? Travs fans want to know.

Sean Rodriguez - (21 AB's) .292/.429/.571 with 3 Dbls and 1 HR

Back in the Rocky Mountain thin air, where curves hang and long balls carry, S-Rod picked up right where he left off. It's anybody's guess as to when he'll get his next shot in the bigs.

Shane Loux - 1 W, 7 IP, 3 hits, 1 ER, 5 K/1 BB

Loux' last rehab start was a gem against Bees rival and league leading Colorado Springs. O'Sullivan may have stepped up against big league competition, but the man got very lucky on balls in play - think about all of those lined shots right at our outfielders - so I'm happy to see Loux return to the mound for now.

Terry Evans, of - (28 Ab's) .321/.367/.583 with 1 Dbl, 2 Trpls, and 2 SB's

The way Halos' outfielders keep dropping at the MLB level, we may see this guy in Anaheim before too long.

Brad Knox, rhsp - (2 starts) 1 W, 14.2 IP, 1.84 ERA, 4 K/1 BB

Knox had a good week, turning the page on a late June slump.

Brandon Wood - (19 AB's) .316/.316/.684 with 1 Dbl and 2 HR

Love the power, but the walks have all but disappeared this past month. Hopefully he's chilling with Abreu.

AA Arkansas, 6 and 9 (second half)

Hank Conger, C - (17 AB's) .471/.426/.941 with 1 Dbl, 2 Trpls, 1 HR, and 5 RBI's

Hank was a triple short of the cycle Friday, which is worth mentioning because he hit a three-bagger both the evening before and the evening after.

Mark Trumbo, 1B - (23 AB's) .348/.400/.609 with 3 Dbls and 1 HR

Trumbo's up to 8 long balls on the year. No surprise that this one came on the road - the Trav's home park undoubtedly suppresses his power production.

Tim Kiely, rhsp - (2 starts) 1 W, 13.1 IP, 2.03 ERA, 5 K/2 BB

Kiely followed his outstanding AA debut with a string of poor starts. He's righted the ship this week, tossing an 8 inning shutout Saturday night, though his peripherals remain middling at best.

High A Rancho Cucamonga, 8 and 9 (second half)

Andrew Romine, ss - (26 AB's) .423/.500/.577 with 2 Trpls and 3 SB's

Good to see the Halos' '08 stolen base leader pick up the pace for the Quakes - speed is Romine's plus tool, but it's hard to rack up the swipes when you're not getting on base.

Alex Torres, lhsp - 1 W, 7 IP, 3 hits, 2 ER, 8 K/3 BB

Another impressive game Torres. If you're going to see the Quakes, try to line up your visit with one of this guy's starts.

Clay Fuller, cf - (19 AB's) .421/.542/.421 with 5 walks

Ok, so Fuller has not hit like I thought he would in the offense-boosting California League. Nevertheless, he continues to get on base at a better than .340 clip, despite the .231 average on the season.

A Cedar Rapids, 11 and 5 (second half)

Alexi Amarista, 2b - (23 AB's) .435/519/.696 with 1 Dbl, 1 Trpl, and 1 HR

5'6" Amarista finally knocked one out this week. After watching him line out to the track last week, it's good to see the HR in the boxscore.

Matthew Crawford, of - (29 AB's) .448/.467/.655 with 3 Dbls, and 1 HR

Another small-ball type mashes his first round-tripper of the season.

Will Smith, lhsp - 1 W, 8 IP, 7 hits, 3 ER, 6 K/0 BB

Smith recorded his third win in a row and seventh in his past ten starts. The strong outing could not have come at a better time, as the rest of the Kernels' rotation had an uncharacteristically awful week.

Tyson Auer, cf - (25 AB's) .400/.464/.400

Auer to the 32 major league teams that did not draft him last year: suck on this.