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Top 15 Angels All Star Moments

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1. 1986: Wally Joyner Write in Candidate

Rookie 1Bman Wally Joyner was left off the All Star Ballot. He was voted a starter as a write-in candidate by the fans. This was back before ESPN had the reach to focus on three stars on two teams and fans actually followed players all over baseball. Ah the good old days... get the hell off my lawn. Pathetically, Joyner got one at-bat and was replaced by AL Manager Dick Howser, then a division rival with KC. Sadly, Howser died of a brain tumor a few months later. Joyner also tied for victory in the nascent HR derby, tying with Darryl Strawberry for 1st with 4 HRs in the 2nd year of HR Derby competition

1983: Fred Lynn MVP and only All Star Game grand slam

What made Lynn's cap on a 7-run 3rd inning with the only Grand Slam that has ever been hit in All Star Game history (and it was an odd shot, a clothesliner straight to center, one foot over the wall and rising) was that it broke an 11-year winning streak by the National League with a 13-3 victory.

3. 2003: Garret Anderson game MVP and HR Derby champ

G.A. went 3-4 with a double, a HR and 3 RBI. He had won the HR derby the night before.

4. 1989: The Bo Jackson Leadoff Homer All Star game

Anaheim Stadium hosted the Midsummer Classic and all eyes were on the broadcast booth as ex-President Ronald Reagan, who began his career as a baseball radio announcer in the 1930s, took the microphone for a turn at calling the game. Reagan was left speechless when the first batter, Kansas City's Bo Jackson - then the biggest star in American sports with the first generation of Nike Commercial saturating the country - hit the longest homerun in All Star Game history - to the back of the Batter's eye, deep beyond Centerfield. The Angels and their Stadium are always connected with this magnificent moment.

5. 1962: Leon Wagner named game MVP

Daddy Wags went 3 for 4 with a 2 Run homer in the 4th inning at Wrigley Field in Chicago and put the expansion Angels onto the national stage. The AL won 9-4.

6. 2003: Manager Mike Scioscia wins first home-field deciding All Star Game

It is still derided as a gimmick, but it is here to stay and in the first All Star Game that determined home field advantage for the World Series, Mike Scioscia again schooled Dusty Baker, chessboarding a late matchup of pinch hitting Hank Blalock for Troy Glaus against Eric Gagne at the height of his powers. The power of the Soth is part of All Star lore now.

7. 1963: Ken McBride named AL starting pitcher

The still unknown Angels delivered the starting pitcher of the All Star Game for the AL midway thru just their 3rd season of existence.

8. 1967: Extra Innings History

Anaheim Satdium hosted what became the longest game in All Star history - a 15-inning affair that was decided by a HR by Tony Perez to make the score 2-1.

9. 2007: Francisco Rodriguez actually SAVES a game

After Seattle's J.J. Putz had surrendered a two-run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning to let the National League back into the game, he walked J.J. Hardy, the potential tying run. Francisco Rodriguez was summoned to record the final out. He did it in dramatic fashion: he walked two to load the bases before getting Aaron Rowand to fly out, earning the AL a win and Frankie the Save.

10. 1964: Dean Chance named AL starting pitcher

In what would be his Cy Young season, the best pitcher in baseball took a Halo to the mound for the AL. With 1963's McBride, Chance became part of the only pair of back-to-back All Star Game Starting Pitchers for the Angels.

11. 1979: Nolan Ryan named AL starting pitcher

After a decade of Jim Palmer, the most popular pitcher of the decade was given his due.

12. 1967: Dean Chance named AL starting pitcher at home stadium

The Angels hosted the All Star Game during the Summer of Love and their ace Dean Chance took the honors of representing his team.

13. 2007: Vladimir Guerrero wins HR Derby

The Most exciting player of the first decade of the 21st century capped a nationally televised derby with a 502-foot HR.

14. 2003: Brendan Donnelly earns the Win in the game

Right place, right time, one inning of scoreless relief in the 8th, the AL takes the lead in the bottom of the frame and the Donkey is the only Angel with an All Star W next to his name.

15. 1993: Mark Langston named AL starting pitcher

At the time he was having the best start to any season of his career and was in the national spotlight as one of the highest paid players in the game, but Langston's pitching had done the talking to earn him this honor.