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WEDNESDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Halladay Wants Trade, Pedro Signs

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Figgy in St.. Louis
(Thanks to Highlandhalo for the screen cap)
Figgy in St.. Louis (Thanks to Highlandhalo for the screen cap)

Figgins' day, Crawford's catch just parts of another AL win -
Figgins was home Tuesday morning, in Newport Beach, Calif., still asleep, when his phone rang. Or rather, he was home when his phone would have rung had he left it turned on. But he didn't, because it was the All-Star break and he had no way of knowing that back in St. Louis, Evan Longoria had an infected ring finger that would keep him from playing.

Angels' Brian Fuentes baffles even his teammates - Los Angeles Times
Facing so many new hitters this season, he has leaned on catchers Jeff Mathis and Mike Napoli for guidance. "I was a little concerned coming here that both catchers were young and without much big league service time, but they've been a surprise," Fuentes said. "I knew Mike [Scioscia] worked with them a lot, and they're probably the hardest-working catchers I've ever seen. Having an ex-catcher as a manager helps, but they study the charts of every hitter, they put in the work."

Torii's Storiis
I really wanted to be in my first All-Star Game representing the Angels, representing Arkansas, and I'm on the DL. That was not my plan at all. I'm just very sorry this happened the way it did. I appreciate all the votes, all the fans who wanted me to play in the game. That means a lot to me.

Jays' No. 1 starter Halladay eager to be traded to a contender -
"But I think at this point I'm ready to take a chance on trying to win. Basically, that's what all of this has been about. I would like that chance."

Pedro Martinez signed by Philadelphia Phillies - ESPN
The right-hander signed a one-year contract with the Phillies on Wednesday and will be placed on the 15-day disabled list with a mild shoulder strain.

No way! Already on the DL?

Angels' Young Stars Shine Bright before All-Star Break - Bleacher Report
For years we have been hearing about all this talent the Angels have down in their farm system, but have seen very little results. With the exception of the young pitching talent that has produced players like Wood, Kendrick, Aybar, and Morales, many have disappointed when called up.

Rounding Third and Heading Home
One of the common criticisms of the Angels Steve Physioc and his partner Rex Hudler is they are "homers" who do not highlight mistakes and struggles by the players or point out the team’s shortcomings. In one respect the critics have it right, both Physioc and Hudler are cheerleaders for the Angels, that is what they should be.

This is a well written article, but I think he misses the point. The author is one of's "All Star Line-up" members, and I'll leave the comments to you...