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Angels V. A's Pregame Picks

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Angels @ Oakland, 7-ish... Angels vs Athletics coverage ... read about the opponent at Athletics Nation ... Tonight's Matchup is Ervin Santana Versus Dallas Braden, but WOW... I missed this: The PTBNL in the A's acquiring Scott Hairston from the Padres was SEAN GALLAGHER... yes, the prize of the Rich Harden trade to the Chicago Cubs has left the building.

Play our Daily PREGAME PICKS at Halos Heaven before each game and get your results tabulated each week - see how you stand against other members of the world's biggest and best Angels fan community.

Pregame Guesses:
YES or NO: Angels pitching will record at least one strikeout in the 4th inning

YES or NO: One or more Angels batters will have 3 or more RBI in the game tonight

YES or NO: The drummers in the bleachers will give up and go home by the 6th inning - just kidding... More than three Angels will record Plate Appearances in the top of the 1st inning

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