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Angels Let Oakland A's Walk Away With Victory

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Final Score in the Bay Area: Angels 3 Oakland 7

Joe Saunders ran out of gas for all the world to see, except it was only a crowd of about 4,000 beerdrinking animal lovers, who watched all the walks fall down on last year's all star.

Saunders gets a lot of help on grounders to the defense but more and more he has been spelling his team with gift Homers to the opposition. Tonight it was the washed-up Bobby Crosby hitting a 3-Run Ding Dong off of Saundo.

With the score tied 3-3 in the 6th inning though, the offense could not capitalize on the Oaky Choaky Weak Sauce. Maicer Izturis struck out with the bases loaded after three Angels had walked. Mike Napoli called for a few of the hangers Saunders threw and made them count by leabing three runners on base. Jason Bulger could have kept it at 4 - 3 when he came in to one-on, none-out situation int eh bottom of the 7th but he allowed an inherited baserunner to score. Justin Speier failed to retire a baserunner... his eleventh straight batter faced reaching safely was a HBP to Scott Hairston. The streak dates back to Sunday against the Yankees.

Texas Lost so the Angels maintain a 2 game lead in the American League West. Seattle crept to within three games of the division lead. If baseball games bring highs and lows with victories and defeats, this was the closest thing to Przac ever manufactured from an entity in Anaheim. Any flatter play by both squads and Eli Lilly could have sued for patent infringement on its magic leveling the mood to gray blah nothing pill.