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Cuban Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Has His Passport

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Halos Heaven has learned that pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who recently defected from Cuba, is in possession of his passport. His agent Edwin Mejia explained to Halos Heaven that this speeds up the process, "Aroldis will be ready to sign much sooner than people estimate because he defected with his passport. That makes everything much much easier and quicker."

When the Angels signed Cuban defector Kendry Morales in 2004, he did not make his professional debut at A-Ball for almost a year due to paperwork hassles in receiving Dominican citizenship and acquiring a passport.

Chapman is a 6'4" 180 Lb lefty who throws 102 MPH and has what international scouts call "the most lethal pickoff move." He struck out 79 batters in 74 IP during the 07-08 Cuban baseball season. He turns 22 in September.

Meanwhile, we also heard from Mark Mulder's agent, Greg Clifton, who confirmed that his client has garnered no interest from the Angels.