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Angels Feast on Oakland Errors, Aybar 4 RBI Pace Halos over A's

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Final Score in Oakland: Angels 11, Athletics 6

All Star infielder Chone Figgins, the first batter of the game hit a homerun on the 4th pitch of the afternoon, but it was the ceremonial first pitch that might have carried the most weight, as Jon Wilhite tossed a strike to his friend and former teammate Kurt Suzuki.

The Angels trounced the A's in the box score, but it was Oakland's game given away with 4 terrible errors that most minor league teams avoid, maybe even most little league teams avoid. Starting Pitcher Jered Weaver was staked to a 7-0 lead and let it be doinked away by a pokey + power A's offense.

Reliever Darren Oliver cleaned up a messy 4th inning for Weaver and the Halos with the score cut down to just 8-5. Oliver got the win with his father, former Angel Bob Oliver, in attendance, something the announcers on Fox National kept saying over and over and over again seeing as this was truly one of the boringest games of the season and nobody really felt lie talking about FOX announcer Chris Rose going from the sidelines of the All Star Game on Tuesday to a Saturday afternoon with 3,000 spectators in Oakland.

But it looks like an exciting W on paper and counts in the AL West standings for Mike Scioscia's crew.